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“Where Are the Mental-Health Providers?”

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This February 16, 2015 Wall Street Journal article talks about the severe shortage of mental health professionals seen nationwide, and specifically mentions efforts being made in Philadelphia to find ways to reduce the problem.

“Medication Restrictions Significantly Affect Mental Health Treatment Outcomes”

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This November 6, 2014 InsuranceNews.net article talks about some of the barriers faced by psychiatrists when it comes to their ability to treat their patients effectively.

Work of Adobe photo shop, but originally downl...

Work of Adobe photo shop, but originally downloaded from http://imh.org.rs/ – INFORMATOR_INSITUTA; need for article Institute of Mental Health (Belgrade) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Many suffering from mental illness face waiting lists for service due to a shortage of psychiatrists and funding, advocates say”


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This October 12, 2013 article found on the PennLive website talks about the issue of access to mental health services.  The article points out that a shortage of Psychiatrists is often a reason in how long it takes for someone to start receiving services once the person arrives at the front door of the agency.




“Shortage of Psychiatrists plaguing state, region, experts say”

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This June 5, 2013 article found on the Scranton Times-Tribune website talks about not only the current shortage of Psychiatrists, but also indicates that this shortage will continue to grow over time.


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