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“Can an Energy Drink Cause Mental Illness Symptoms?”

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This April 20, 2015 Healthy Place blog post talks about the potential that heavy use of beverages containing high amounts of stimulants could trigger mania or psychosis.

“First Trial of PTSD Treatment in Psychosis”

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This January 23, 2015 article talks about reasons why until now, people with Psychosis have not been allowed to participate in PTSD study’s and goes on to say that this study will be the first to break that trend in light of a decade of information that shows that people with psychosis often have been the victims of some form of abuse.

Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress.

Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Systemic Inflammation Linked To Depression and Psychotic Disorders”

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This August 13, 2014 Medical News and Research article talks about a possible link found between inflammation and Depression and Psychotic disorders.  It is felt that there is a possibility that an increase in inflammation in kids could be something to keep an eye on as an indicator of an increased risk of developing depression or a psychotic disorder.

“The Unquiet Mind: NPR”

Article Link part 1 – “The Unquiet Mind

Article link Part 2  – “What’s It Like To Have A Psychotic Episode?”

(Both links include audio and text)

This series talks about Elyn Saks who managed to hide her diagnosis of Schizophrenia while successfully earning multiple degrees.  She later wrote a book, and self-disclosed about her illness much to the shock of many who knew her.  She speaks on mental health issues now using her own experiences as a way to reach others.  She indicates that she is pro-psychiatry, but anti-force, which she explains within the audio of part 2 linked above.



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