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“Photo exhibit displays images of mental health recovery in Westmoreland County”

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This article dated May 3, 2012 and found on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website talks about a project where some folks in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania were given digital cameras and told to take pictures of things that were helpful to them on their road to recovery.  some of the pictures were turned into a public display along with a writeup about the reason the picture was taken in the words of the photographer.  The goal of the project was to shed some light into the lives of folks with mental illnesses and to show that while a small minority of people with mental illnesses do commit violent crimes, there are many more out there who are working to improve their lives and have many of the same wants or desires that folks without mental illnesses want.  Very neat article to say the least, and I found it quite refreshing on many levels to read about something positive in the media about folks with mental health issues, since so much of the media attention goes to the small minority who commit violent crimes, which is something that has always bothered me on many levels.  So I’m always pleased when I hear about someone doing something positive and being able to read or watch it through a news source.

A little bragging :)

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

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The link above will take you to the ITE/MH Campaign site, specifically a page where a recovery story I wrote and submitted to them was posted.  The story is called, “Recovery is a Journey, Not a Quick-fix“.  In it I offer a little insight into where I’ve been, and some of the things I’ve learned through some of my struggles with mental illness.  The piece was written and submitted to ITE/MH on July 14, 2011 by me.

I was using writing on that day, not only to meet an obligation that I had committed to, but also as personal medicine.   I was a little frustrated and stressed, having had to send some obnoxious people away that had pretty much invaded my peaceful time on my porch that morning, but who had also been very pushy about their beliefs and didn’t seem to understand that I truly wasn’t interested in what they were offering.  As a result of the interaction with them, I was stressed, frustrated, and my mind was running a million miles a second.  I went into what I call a “stress cleaning mode”  where I take the energy from stress and frustration and I guess you could say I convert it into something positive.  I washed 5 loads of laundry and 3 loads of dishes, and while I waited for the washer/dryer or dishwasher to run its cycle, I worked on the recovery story.  By the end of the day not only did I manage to wash my bedding, and all my dirty clothes, while also getting caught up on my dishes, and having met an obligation I said I would meet, I was MUCH calmer feeling and my mind had settled to a quieter pace and I was able to return to enjoying some peaceful time on my porch.

I would really urge you to check out the ITE/MH Campaign website, it is a new site, but I know that at least one of the people involved with it has worked to make positive changes in the mental health community for many years.  ITE/MH stands for “I’m The Evidence / Mental Health”  it is a campaign to raise awareness that people can and do recover from mental illness,  and to recognize some of the people who show their personal recovery in a way that benefits not only the person, but those around them.  For me, this blog is just one of the ways I show my recovery journey, with my hope being that the things I learn and share here will benefit someone else or even more than one person.

I would love it if my readers could take a moment to checkout the ITE/MH Campaign site, it is a new site, but it is very well done, and you can not only read my little story I submitted there, but there are other stories submitted by other folks as well.  The site also would give you a better understanding of what they are doing then what I’ve offered here.

By posting this info, I’m not getting anything in return, it is simply me doing what I do and linking my readers to resources or information that I hope each person will find something of benefit to them in the process.  Enjoy!

“Mental health agencies offer advocacy”


This May 29, 2011 article found on The Sentinel gives an overview of some of the services and organization that are there to help those with mental illnesses or their families.  There is also a brief discussion about some of the laws and regulations in Pennsylvania.

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