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“Rapp Declares Governor’s Budget Bailout Scheme to Close Warren State Hospital Forensics Unit Absolutely Insane”


I received an email today, August 3, 2010 from Rep. Kathy Rapp indicating that Governor Rendell has plans to close the Forensics unit at Warren State Hospital on October 31.  The above link will take you to the page on Rep. Kathy Rapp’s website.

I will be following this closely and will post wjhat I find here.

Rep. Kathy Rapp Responds

I had sent an email to Rep. Kathy Rapp in regards to the statement that seemed to imply that the majority of folks in State Hospitals were sex offenders.  Below is her response to my email which I received on September 17, 2008 and have her permission to share it with others who shared my concerns.  I have copy/pasted it into this post exactly as she wrote it, but I name in the greeting of the email for privacy reasons.

I apolagize if the comments upset you.  My intention was not in any to offend anyone with a mental illness.  My goal is to keep the forensic units open and especially ours in Warren.  I never meant to imply that everyone is a sex offender.  I hope that if you know my background in advocating for the rights of people with disabilities, that your interpetation is not what I believe.




Also, here is a link to the original post I did on this issue … https://pamhi.wordpress.com/2008/09/05/call-to-action/

Call to action

Rep. Kathy Rapp has responded to concerns about her statement on September 17, 2008, see the following link for more details …. https://pamhi.wordpress.com/2008/09/18/rep-kathy-rapp-responds/ 

I didn’t mention this before in thelast post bout Rep. Kathy Rapp’s Fall 2008 newsletter, maily because I was too fired up about it and wanted to cool down before I posted anything about it.

Also in the newsletter, Rep. Kathy Rapp states,

“How many lives have to be lost or ndangered befo the Rndell administration gives up completely on this wrong-headed, cost-shiftin state hospital de-institionalization scheme that directly coincides with hundreds of severly mentally ill patients, many of whom are repeat sexual predators, being discharged into the streets and inevitably back into county and sate corectional facilities.” In the next paragraph, she goes on to state, “Not even one dollar saved due to the closure of a state hospital can justifyyet another repeat offense from a rapist or pedophile.”

Based on what Rep. Kahy Rapp says, it sounds ie she is lumping mental health Consumers into one generalized blanket statemnt that makes it sound as though folks with mental illnesses are sex offenders. I’m asking that my readers look over the newsletter and read the full article to see what she is saying, then take thefollowing action …

Contact Rep. Kathy Rapp and ask her to either retract the statement or to make a public apology for using stereotyping language in a public statement.

Here is a direct linkto the PDF version of the newsletter as posted on Rep. Rapp’s website (under “latest news”)…. http://reprapp.com/uploads/Rapp-NL-8-08.pdf

Here is contact information for Rep. Kathy Rapp of the 65th District

Harrisburgh Office

P.O. Box 202065
161 East Wing
Harrisburgh, PA 17120-2065
Phone: (717)787-1367
Toll Free: (866)854-5294

Email: klrapp@pahousegop.com
Website: http://reprapp.com

District Offices

404 Market Street
Warren, PA 16365
Phone (814)723-5203

8 Field Street
Kane, PA 16735

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