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“University of Pittsburgh researchers get $7.3M grant to study heart failure-depression link”


English: The illustration shows the major sign...

English: The illustration shows the major signs and symptoms of heart failure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This March 30, 2014 Trib Live News article talks about a grant awarded to the University of Pittsburgh that will allow them to study the link between heart failure and depression.  some researchers hope that this study will not only help them understand how to better care for patients with both these diagnoses but also hope the study will begin to break down the silo view of mental and physical health that causes mental and physical health to be viewed and treated as completely separate conditions.

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“Clinic of the Future: Aiming for Faster Depression Relief “

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This June 25, 2013 article on the Wall Street Journal website talks about research using brain scan technology to see if scientists can spot biomarkers that could speed up the process of getting folks on the right treatment for their depression more quickly.


“Mental illness ’caused by chemistry'”

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This May 17, 2013 piece on the BBC News: Science and Environment website offers a look at some of the  breakthroughs and controversy surrounding science’s look at genetic patterns to understand mental illness.

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