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“Riverside teacher includes mental illness in health curriculum”

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This October 5, 2013 article found on theTimes-Tribune.com website talks about a Scranton teacher who is including mental health as part of their health class curriculum


“Pop goes the artist South Scranton woman creates special treats for charity”

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This article found on TheTimes-Tribune.com website dated May 6, 2012 talks about one artist’s passion for making cake pops and the various ways she uses her creativity to help others.¬† After losing a friend to suicide, she began to look at her own life and her struggle with depression and anxiety.

“Soldiers, civilians learn about mental health in Scranton”

Washington Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Uni...

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This article dated January 23, 2012, and found on thetimes-tribune.com website, talks about resilience  training that has begun for military personal and their families in the Scranton area.

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