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“Demons stole my daughter”

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This May 3, 2015 article on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website talks about the life and death of a person with mental health issues and not only the struggle faced by the parent, but the outpouring of responses from strangers in the aftermath.

“Patients With Severe Mental Illness Find Supportive Community On YouTube”

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This October 18, 2014 article on the Medical Research and News: MedicalResearch.com  website  contains an interview about recent research that seems to be showing that people with serious mental illnesses have found a sense of community through YouTube where they share experiences about their lives with mental illnesses.  The study is said to be exploratory and the researchers feel more studies need to be done to see if social media sites like YouTube could be a way to encourage peer support among those with serious mental illness.

“State rep sees need to fix mental health system”

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This July 26, 2014 Daily Times News article from Delaware County, PA, talks about legislation being proposed by state Rep. Margo Davidson that, at first glance, seems to be very similar to what Rep. Tim Murphy has proposed.  Like Murphy’s bill, Davidson’s bill includes things like assisted outpatient treatment and other services for the seriously mentally ill.

“‘A Serious Epidemic’ — Mentally Ill Speak Of Struggles”

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This July 20, 2014 InsuranceNewsNet.com article focuses on Alabama, but talks about an issue that is seen across the country.  The issue of employment among those with serious mental illnesses.  Studies have shown many want to work, but find it impossible to do so because of a lack of effective supports and other factors.

“The Dangers of Coercive Mental Health Care”

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This blog post on Psych Central talks about a December 22, 2013 article on the subject of coerced treatment of mental illness and the dangers of going down such a path




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“Unhealthy lifestyles, increase in mental and behavioral health services remains priority”

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This November 15, 2013 article on theTimes-Tribune.com website talks about the physical health of many with mental health issues.




“Mental health care: How do you begin helping a loved one with severe mental illness?”

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This January 25, 2013 article on the Patriot-News website offers tips for family members who may be concerned about the possibility that someone in the family may have a serious mental illness.  It offers ideas on how to approach the issue, who should approach the person, and suggestions on where family members can turn for guidance.


“Mental illness affects 1 in 5 U.S. adults”

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This December 3, 2012 article on the MyFoxPhilly.com website talks about the rate of mental illness in the United states based on studies conducted involving Americans age 12 and older.


“Proposed Bethlehem Township center would treat up to eight with mental illness”


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This article dated December 1, 2011, on Lehigh Valley‘s, The Morning Call, discusses a facility being proposed in Bethlehem Township to house and treat up to 8 folks with serious mental illnesses.  The facility has been proposed by NHS Pennsylvania.

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