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“When Life Gets You Down: Coping With Situational Depression”

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This article found on EverydayHealth.com talks about situational depression, its causes, and what help is available and offers insight into when to seek professional help.  This isn’t a Pennsylvania specific article, but as anyone in Pennsylvania can tell you winter is a tough time of year when it comes to dealing with depression, and while depression can effect anyone at anytime of the year, it is something that seems to be more difficult to deal with in the winter time here in Pennsylvania like other states with shorter number of daylight hours, and cold often overcast skies it can take a toll on folks.  While this article deals more with depression stemming from things like breaking up with a girlfriend/boyfriend, loss of a loved one, or other life events that can send folks into a state of depression, the information could be helpful to folks with other types of depression as well.

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