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“Social Media Fuels New Psychological Insights”

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This March 2, 2015 article on the Psych Central website talks about ongoing research involving data gathered from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter that seem to be indicating that social media might be a way to find the mental or physical health not only of an individual, but a community.

“Should Mental Health Workers Look At Our Facebook Page?”

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This November 23, 2014 blog post by Pat Deegan on her blog talks about online privacy and when to draw a line and not allow someone to view your posts in places such as Facebook or other social media.  She offers some great examples including but not limited to asking what if someone were in recovery from addiction and their therapist wanted to see their posts to make sure the person isn’t drinking or doing drugs again.  She also offered other examples and explained her thoughts on why this should be avoided.

“Family Meals May Defuse Cyberbullying’s Impact, Study Says”

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This September 2, 2014 Health Day article found on the Philly.com website talks about how family meals can help prevent kids from being negatively impacted by cyber-bullying.  The article also offers a reminder to parents to be aware of what you kids are doing online so you can help head off problems before they get out of hand.

“Study: Social Media Can Locate, Identify Mental Health Needs”

English: Orthographic map of Mexico centered a...

English: Orthographic map of Mexico centered at 25° N, 102° W. Official territory. Claimed territories. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This March 17, 2014 iHealthBeat article talks about a recent study done involving two years of twitter feeds from 4 cities in Mexico that is attempting to see if it is possible to predict changes in the need for mental health services in an area based on data analyzed from those tweets.  They compared keyword usage and frequency in tweets to events that were occurring in the cities and based on this analysis, it is felt that social media might be a useful tool for pinpointing areas in greater need of mental health services.


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