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“Have you dialed 2-1-1 today?”

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This February 8, 2013 article on the Daily American website talks about a new referral system in Pennsylvania.  If you need information about human service related services, and are in Pennsylvania, simply dial 2-1-1 and you will be able to find services including but not limited to mental health services, housing, homeless resources and other similar services in your area.  2-1-1 appears to be available in other states as well, but not every state.


“Vulnerable citizens will suffer if Gov. Corbett’s budget cuts pass”

A Christmas Carol - Ghosts of Departed Usurers

A Christmas Carol – Ghosts of Departed Usurers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This article dated June 2, 2012 on the PennLive.com website uses Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol” to offer an image of the impact Corbett’s budget would have on Pennsylvanians

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