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This October 14, 2012 article on the Altoona Mirror website talks about specialized training being offered to first responders on how to respond to someone with Autism.

“Patient assault reported at Warren State Hospital”

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I’m not posting it for any reason other then to offer an example of how we (myself included) as mental health Consumers, need to not only learn to be accountable for our actions, but also to demonstrate what can happen if we choose to do things that are inappropriate.  It use to be that folks with mental illnesses weren’t held accountable and tis sort of thing happened frequently in State Hospitals.  We have reached a time where Consumers are no longer allowed to hide behind their diagnosis as an excuse for behaving in ways that are not acceptable, and society along with the mental health system are expecting us to learn to behave appropriately, and to reach beyond ou diagnosis.  For granted I don’t know any more details about the incident in this article then wha is explained in it.  I hope that folks who might consider this sort of behavior will read the article and see what could happen even if you are in treatment for your mental illness if you were to choose to become violent towards someone else.

Article published Jul 22, 2008

Patient assault reported at Warren State Hospital

WARREN — State police are investigating a report of an assault at a Warren County hospital for the mentally ill.

Police said an adult female patient attacked another adult female patient at Warren State Hospital in Conewango Township on Saturday.

A woman pulled the victim off a couch by her hair, then pushed the victim’s head into a chair, kicked her and punched her in the face numerous times, police said. The victim suffered multiple injuries in the attack.

Police did not release the name of either woman.

Police said charges of aggravated assault, simple assault and harassment are pending.

— Emily Babay

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