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“Taking a ‘mental health day’: Your rights in the workplace”

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This May 20, 2015 Fox News piece talks about what an employee may or may not be allowed to do with regards to taking a “mental health day”.

“‘Sensitive’ Gene Plus Early Stress May Lead to Mental Health Disorders”

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This January 8, 2015 PsychCentral.com article talks about the possibility of a gene contributing to whether kids develop mental health problems later in life.

Work of Adobe photo shop, but originally downl...

Work of Adobe photo shop, but originally downloaded from http://imh.org.rs/ – INFORMATOR_INSITUTA; need for article Institute of Mental Health (Belgrade) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Holidays not a good season for everyone”

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This December 14, 2014 Bucks County Courier Times article is a good reminder that there are people who struggle immensely not just during the holiday seasons, but other times of the year as well.  The article includes a video of an interview with someone who answers a hotline number and shares her perspective on what happens that causes the spikes in calls to hotlines across the country.

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Bucks County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Bucks County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Stress Causes Health Problems, Which Then Cause More Stress”

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This July 8, 2014 NPR: Shots-Health News article on the 90.5 WESA Pittsburgh NPR station website talks about the vicious cycle of stress causing health issues which in turn causes more stress

Logo used during 1970s

Logo used during 1970s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“No more excuses: Take a day off”

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This June 10, 2014 CNN segment talks about stress and how allowing yourself to get so stressed that your “stress feels stressed”, as the article states it. is waiting too long, and could cause more problems than solutions in the workplace.

English: The CNN Center in Atlanta.

English: The CNN Center in Atlanta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Why Your Work May Be Hurting Your Health and How to Fix It”

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This June 6, 2014 Business2Community article talks about work related stress and the impact it can have on us, as well as offering some tips to maybe improve the situation.


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“Is exercise one of the missing links to mental wellness?”


Buchenwald Ohrdruf Survivors 45049

Buchenwald Ohrdruf Survivors 45049 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This April 2, 2014 Philadelphia Daily News article found on the Philly.com website talks about not just the role that exercise can play in helping to reduce stress, but also includes some information about studies that have shown that there is an increased risk of PTSD among the children and grand children of Holocaust Survivors regardless of the amount of stress they are exposed to.  The thinking is that this observation may also hold true for the mental health of people in the African-American Community who are descendants of slaves.

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“Stress-Busting Tips From Experts”

English: Effects of stress on the body.

English: Effects of stress on the body. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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This October 19, 2013 article found on the Philly.com website talks about some great ideas for managing and even decreasing stress some of which can be done wherever you happen to be.



“Diary of a Wimpy Nation”

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This July 18, 2013 article found on the HUFF Post Lifestyle page talks about the effect of stress, and the dangers of ignoring stress which is something that is all to common of a practice in our country.  Stress is often ignored or denied until it builds and reaches some sort of breaking point where the person

Wimpy (restaurant)

Wimpy (restaurant) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ends up with serious medical or mental health issues because of ignoring stress.  This article includes a link to a petition that is pushing to get stress testing added  as a preventive medicine that is covered by insurance and available to everyone.

“Stressed Out: Health care system comes up short in responding to need for early treatment”

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This March 11, 2013 article found on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website talks about stress, not only the high level of it in America, but also the issue of it being largely ignored by the medical community unless it leads to something like a heart attack.


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