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“Blocking the Paths to Suicide”

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This March 9, 2015 article found on the New York Times website talks about simple yet effective ways proven to prevent or reduce the risk of suicide.

“Parental Suicide Attempt May Increase Suicidal Behavior in Offspring”

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This January 1, 2015 Business2Business article talks about a recent study that indicates a connection between the suicide of a parent and the suicide of a child.

“Foreclosures Tied to Higher Suicide Risk in Study”

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This May 20, 2014 Health Day article that was found on the Philly.com website talks about ongoing research that at this time is showing a possible link between foreclosures and an increased risk of suicide.  While researches feel more research is needed to be sure of this, the early indicators seem to point to a link between the two things and plans are to continue researching this to get a better picture of what is going on with this.




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“Surprising New Findings about Suicide”

English: United States Army Suicide Prevention...

English: United States Army Suicide Prevention Poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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This June 17, 2013 article on the Decoded Science website talks about recent research into suicidal behavior  and looked more at why it happens and what seem to be commonalities among those who committed suicide.




“Student Suicide May Spur Similar Thoughts in Teens”

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This May 21, 2013 article on the Philly.com website talks about the ripple effect of teen suicide

“Report: Suicides in movies tripled from 1950-2006”


The above link found in the Gettysburg Times on August 10, 2011 discusses research being do to see if there is a link between suicide rates in teens and the graphic depiction of suicides in movies.

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