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“Hickey: Survivors conference shows progress is needed in suicide prevention”

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This November 29, 2012 article found on The Pitt News website is about the experience someone had attending a conference for suicide survivors.  It is a powerful article, written by someone who survived a suicide attempt them self.


“International Survivors of Suicide Day”


Today, November 17, 2012 is International Survivors of Suicide Day


“Healing for victims of violence”


“We Shall Overcome” (Montgomery, Alabama) (Apr...

“We Shall Overcome” (Montgomery, Alabama) (April 1, 1965) (Photo credit: Penn State Special Collections Library)


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This August 12, 2012 on the Philly.com website, talks about ways to perpetuate healing in people who have survived a violent crime.  The opinion piece points out that healing needs to be viewed as not just a physical issue, but also an emotional issue, and can start at the point where the person is in the Emergency Room.  Pills help with some things, but not everything, where helping to plant a seed of hope can go a long ways to help in many areas.




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