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“Family Acceptance Key to Curbing Teen Suicides, Study Shows”

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This October 17, 2014 Health Day article posted on the Philly.com website talks about how teens who feel they are accepted by peers and family members tend to be at a decreased risk for suicide.

“As suicides spike, new Pa. law to start prevention efforts in 6th grade”


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This July 12, 2014 TribLive News article talks about a new law in Pennsylvania that is requiring schools to begin to educate kids as young as 6th grade about suicide prevention.  This law was passed in part because across the country the number of deaths because of suicide has surpassed the number of deaths due to vehicle accidents.  other factors discussed in the article were some specific cases of suicide that were also a catalyst for the new law.

“Summit addresses mental health of teens”


Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This June 19, 2014 Washington Post article talks about Teen mental health from the perspective of teens and those in their lives.

“Mechanicsburg woman’s nonprofit takes aim at mental health issues”

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This May 4, 2014 article on The Sentinel Cumberlink.com website talks about the efforts of one woman to help reduce the stigma of mental illness while trying to also reduce the number of suicides among teens. Her non-profit organization is called “Please Live” and has a website at http://pleaselive.org

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“Sounding off on teen suicide on the Main Line”

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This August 9, 2013 article on the Main Line website talks about the stigmas surrounding depression and other mental illnesses that often cause teens to try to gut it out, which can sometimes end in suicide.

“Student Suicide May Spur Similar Thoughts in Teens”

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This May 21, 2013 article on the Philly.com website talks about the ripple effect of teen suicide

“Mental Illness: A Story of Struggle and Strength”

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While I found this story to be very inspiring,

I would like to note that it is possible it could be triggery for some,

the writer describes her struggle with self-injury and suicide.


  This April 22, 2013 article on the Cabrini College Loquitur website talks about one woman’s struggle with mental illness, she describes what things were like for her as a teen, but then also goes on to explain that she can’t imagine going through life differently then she has.


“Program helps teens deal with depression, suicide thoughts”

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This April 6, 2013 article on the Meadville Tribune website talks about a program that was started by a teen who had lost a friend to suicide.  The program is called “Aevidum Empowered by Minding Your Mind” or simply Aevidum for short.  I was impressed that a teen came up with this idea and is supported by their family in their endeavors.


“Suicide: a growing problem”

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This January 21, 2013 article on the GoErie.com website talks about the ever-increasing suicide rates in America and what some of the warning signs are in addition to what can be done to help prevent this epidemic.

“Local Doctor Urges Parents To Watch For Warning Signs Of Teen Suicide”

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This June 13, 2012 article on the CBS Philly website talks about the need for parents to engage their kids in conversation and be aware of changes in their teen’s behavior that could be warning signs of something more serious.

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