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“The Main Link opens a furniture store in Towanda”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Bradford County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Bradford County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This article dated May 4, 2012 on thedailyreview.com website talks about a furniture store recently opened by Th Main Link in Towanda, PA.  The business is called, “The Furniture Link” and is set up to offer hands-on job training to folks who are either receiving mental health services, or who have received services in the past.  skills being taught include book-keeping, restoring furniture, customer service, and the proper handling and delivery of furniture to customers.  The folks who work at The Furniture Link will pretty much be learning skills that can be carried over to other jobs later on.  The Furniture Link will also help to create a source of funding for The Main Link, and it is hoped that The Furniture Link will be able to be completely self-sufficient as time goes on.  They are getting funding help from Community Care Behavioral Health (CCBH) at the present time, but hope to be completely self-sufficient.

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