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“Meet Hamlet, Lancaster Co. Courthouse’s newest employee”

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This June 26, 2014 ABC27 article with video segment talks about the newest employee at the Lancaster County Courthouse a Service Dog name Hamlet trained to aid in decreasing the anxiety of those going through the court process with the primary role being to work in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse courts, but he will have other roles as well when he isn’t in court.

A service dog putting keys into his owner's hand.

A service dog putting keys into his owner’s hand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Dog helps keep shelter residents on even keel”


Therapy Dog In Training 1

Therapy Dog In Training 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This March 31, 2014 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article talks about the role of a therapy dog at the Pleasant Valley Homeless shelter in aiding the people served by the shelter.

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“From pets to ‘recess’: High school stress relief”

English: Baton Rouge, LA, December 19, 2005 - ...

English: Baton Rouge, LA, December 19, 2005 – “Custer”, one of Hope Crisis Response’s 12 therapy dogs from Virginia and New York now working out of the Baton Rouge Joint Field Office. “Custer” will visit various Disaster Recovery Centers and Travel Trailer Parks to offer comfort to displaced victims and relief workers. Robert Kaufmann/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This January 31, 2013 article on the York Daily Record website talks about how some schools are starting to add therapy dogs, 20 minute breaks, and other stress reducers to high schools in an attempt at helping students manage their stress better despite the high pressure schedules many students have.

**Side note …. Therapy dogs while similar to Psychiatric Service Dogs are not the same thing.  a TD is trained to work with a group of people and isn’t allowed to go with their handler into as many places as a PSD a PSD is trained to aid an individual and has the same protection under the ADA as a guide dog.   Therapy dogs typically have to be granted special permission to go into public places where a PSD like a guide dog can typically go anywhere the disabled handler can go.**

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