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“Smoking Not ‘Lesser Evil’ in Mental Health Treatment Settings”

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This November 24, 2014 NBC article talks about the problems with the belief by many in the mental health and addiction communities where they think that smoking is better than doing drugs or somehow helps people cope.  the article offers some information about the number of hospitalizations and difficulty managing symptoms of mental illness among those who smoke.

“Just 13, and Working Risky 12-Hour Shifts in the Tobacco Fields”

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This September 6, 2014  article on the New York Times website talks about the work done in the tobacco fields in some cases by teens and the hazards involved in the work.

“Giving Up Smoking: The New Way to Get ‘Rich’ Quick?”

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This undated article on the Money.co.uk website offers some insight into the financial benefits of quitting smoking.

I am a former smoker myself, and when I quit, I was spending about $150 per month on smokes and was averaging about 4 or 5 cartons per month around the year 2009.  I found at that time that cost of items to help me quit was far less than what I was paying per month for smokes.  my insurance covered Chantix which worked well for me, so I think I paid $10 or less for my supply of Chantix.  I bought lots of hard candy which cost me about $10, but was very helpful when I would get cravings or feel like I needed to be doing something with my hands or mouth to keep them occupied.  The first thing I noticed after I quit was that I was less stressed due to financial issues, because I had an extra $150 to work with each month.  So even though quitting smoking was challenging, the financial reward was priceless.

A 21 mg dose Nicoderm CQ patch applied to the ...

A 21 mg dose Nicoderm CQ patch applied to the left arm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“State wants landlords to ban smoking”

The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the me...

The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the members of AIGA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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This March 13, 2014 article from The Inquirer found on the Philly.com website talks about a trend in Pennsylvania where landlords are opting to not allow smoking in multi-unit  buildings.  This is something that is being encouraged by the state, but at this point is a suggestion and not a mandate, meaning it is optional for landlords to do it or not do it, the choice is theirs.








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“CVS To Stop Selling Tobacco Products”

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This February 5, 2014 NPR “The Two-way” article talks about a decision being made by the CEO of CVS to stop the sale of tobacco products in all CVS locations by October 1.  The decision is based on their desire to promote health and wellness.  CVS is indicating that they will be offering a variety of smoking cessation tools to help those who would like to consider quitting their tobacco habit.


CVS Caremark Corporation logo

CVS Caremark Corporation logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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“Chantix Helped People With Mental Illness Quit Smoking Longer in Study”

Health hazard

Health hazard (Photo credits: http://www.chemicallabels.com)



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This January 7, 2014 Health Day article on the Philly.com website talks about research that indicates people with serious mental illnesses who used a combination of Chantix and behavioral change therapy had a great chance at successfully quitting smoking.




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“Walking Cure: Strolls Can Help Teen Smokers to Quit”

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This April 9, 2012 article on the TIME Health & Family website talks about a recent study that indicates an increase in physical activity may be helpful for teens to quit smoking.


“The Great American Smokeout”


Today is the 37th annual Great American Smokeout.


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