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“Secretary of the Commonwealth reminds Pennsylvanians of voter registration deadline”

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This April 13, 2015  Pittsburgh Action news article talks about the upcoming deadline for voter registration.  The deadline is April 20, 2015 if you plan on making your voice heard in the 2015 election you need to register now or you will lose that opportunity to be heard until next year.

“Good Mental Health Away From Home Starts Before College”

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This April 13, 2015 Wall Street Journal article offers some ways that parents can help their children transition more smoothly into college by among other things, stepping back and allowing your child to work through things on their own more, having them schedule their own appointments, and get to the appointment on their own among other ideas, can aid in teaching them skills and building confidence they will need to succeed in college and beyond.

“A dad contemplates his autistic son’s future”

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This June 22, 2012 article found on the York Daily Record website offers some insight into what it can be like for a parent of a child that has a disability who graduates from high school and is now an adult.  The article is written from the perspective of the Dad of a child with Autism.

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