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PMHCA Conference Eve …

A poet I am not, but this is sort of bouncing around my head so I thought I would post something entertaining … though I also apologize if the lack of rhythm or rhyme sends you cringing and promise not to do this too often 🙂


’twas the night before conference ….

and all through PMHCA the staff were in a flurry

because Consumers soon would be present about they will scurry….

Networking and learning as they wander about.

Of course they will take time for fun

and meetup with old friends while making some new.

Then at the end all will go home with something new

to share with others when the conference is through.


I dedicate this off beat post to the folks at PMHCA who work hard each year to put together this conference, and make each one a unique experience.

Before anyone asks, yes, you are welcome to share or snag the contents of this goofy post to my readers from PMHCA I hope you got a smile from this.  🙂

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