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“ADHD Drug Ritalin Boosted Self-Control in Tests”



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This April 25, 2014 Heath Day article found on the Philly.com website talks about recent research that seems to show that Ritalin can aid in increasing self-control.  While they aren’t sure about why this happens they are seeing evidence that it does happen.

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“Parents’ attitudes about helping their grown children affect their mental health”

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

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This February 24, 2014 Penn State News article talks about a recent study that indicates the attitudes of parents who help their adult children can have an impact on the mental health of the parent.

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“Nature Activities Improve Veterans’ Mental Health By Recreating Positive Aspects of Military Service”

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This July 26, 2013 article found on the Medical Daily website talks about programs offered by the Sierra Club to help Veterans with PTSD.  The programs include group activities such as camping, kayaking, hiking, and fishing, and the idea of the programs is to help Veterans reconnect with the good things that nature has to offer to enable them to in a sense swap negative outdoor memories for positive ones.  The focus is on the activity not the problems.

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