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“Volunteering not only helps others, but studies show it’s good for you as well”

English: Windsor, Colorado, May 24, 2008 -- Re...

English: Windsor, Colorado, May 24, 2008 — Red Cross Disaster Relief truck helps feed Volunteers; old Windsor High Schools friends who took the day off to help clean up the Tornado damage. Photo: Michael Rieger/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This June 23, 2013 article on the Central PA, Patriot News powered PennLive website talks about the benefits of volunteering, not just the benefit to the people you are volunteering to help, but also the benefits to you as you volunteer.

“Community Bike Works promotes physical and mental health”

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This article on the Lehigh Valley Morning Call website dated, May 14, 2012 talks about a neat program designed to help kids learn a good work ethic, while volunteering and earning a bike that they learn to fix and ride safely.  after they earn their bike they can continue to volunteer and earn parts for their bike.

A thank you message


I want to let you know that while the above link is a video of President Obama thanking people for their efforts in encouraging people to vote. I don’t want anyone to feel like I am trying to push my views on anyone else by posting this.  I felt the message is one that no matter what party you are affiliated with, it would be possible to come away from listening to it feeling like there was something for you in it.  Personally I felt good about the message and to me I felt like even though it was a general message to the country, it was like I got a little pat on the back for my small efforts in encouraging folks to register to vote and actually go out and be heard by casting their vote.

If you want to watch the video that’s fine, but if not that’s fine as well …. it is my hope that folks will not come back and accuse me of pushing a political view her, because that isn’t my purpose.  I simply felt it was a good message worth posting about and embodies much of what I’m beginning to do with regards to encouraging others to vote and try to get involved in the political process in any way they are able to supporting the party of each individuals’ choice.

RSVP offers a lot to smile about! – TimesObserver.com | News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information – The Times Observer

RSVP offers a lot to smile about! – TimesObserver.com

This article found in the October 16, 2010 edition of the Warren Times Observer, talks about what the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, commonly known as RSVP.  I know volunteering can be very gratifying if you find something that is a good match in terms of your skills, abilities, and available time.  RSVP targets the age 55+ group, but they do a lot of neat things.  On thing that jumped out at me from this particular article, is that they are lookig for volunteers to work on getting the Warren State Hospital Greenhouses up and running again.  I have watched the greenhouses go from being vibrant places to being something just short of abandoned, so to see a group taking an interest in reviving the greenhouses is truely and exciting thing in my eyes.

The greenhouses use to be operated as a sheltered workshop type setting before they were shut down.  Patients could work there and get paid for their work.  The greenhouses were open to the public so folks in the community were able to go and purchase plants from the greenhouse it was a neat project.  I don’t know if there are plans to include patients in the workforce once the greenhouses have been revived but regardless of that I am glad to see someone taking an interest in them.

For those outside of the Warren area, who are interested in volunteering someplace, some ideas of places to look might include your local hospital, library, historical society, animal shelters, Red Cross chapters, and sometimes opportunities will even be listed in your local paper as well.  Ask around people you know might know of someone looking for volunteers for a long or short term project.  Short-term projects are a great way to kind of test the water so to speak and see what kinds of things you enjoy doing as a volunteer.  Some organizations with long-term programs also include awards based on either number of hours you volunteered or the number of years you volunteered, these awards may not be anything fancy, but they can give you something to work towards which can give you a sense of accomplishment when they are obtained.


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