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“Oct. 7 is Deadline to Register to Vote in Pennsylvania Municipal Election”

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This September 27, 2013 article found on the GantDaily.com website reminds us that October 7th is the last day for Pennsylvanians wanting to vote in the November 2013 election, can register to do so.

I know there are people who don’t vote, and aren’t registered to do so for many reasons seemingly unique to everyone who chooses not to vote.  I also know that historically, people died or were imprisoned because they believed that every American should have the right to vote.  Those who fought for our Constitutional right to vote generally didn’t tell people how to vote, they left the decision of who people cast their vote for up to those who voted.  For them it wasn’t about how people voted, but rather if people could vote.  They wanted every American citizen regardless of race or gender to be able to have a voice in the political process, so that everyone who was subject to the laws in America could have an opportunity to be heard and make a difference.  Like those who came before me, I don’t care what name you put on your ballot or even what party you support or don’t support.  I simply want to know that folks in the mental health community in particular empower themselves and make their voices heard.  I want everyone to vote, but I guess you could say I have a soft spot for the mental health community …. my community and would love to see better representation from the mental health community at the polls.  You don’t need to know everything that goes on in the political realm, pick a topic that is interesting to you  and find out what your representatives are doing with regards to that topic.  I’m not an expert when it comes to politics, but what I do know is that if I don’t vote I am saying that I am willing to let others make every government decision without having any say in what is being decided.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly enjoy being a doormat, I prefer to be able to say I spoke up.


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