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“Why does Pennsylvania make it so hard to vote? PennLive editorial”

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This January 2, 2015 PennLive article talks about the ways that Pennsylvania makes it more challenging for citizens to vote as compared to other states who not only simplify the process, but manage to secure the integrity of the vote at the same time without creating unneeded hardship on voters.

Map of the 67 counties of the Commonwealth of ...

Map of the 67 counties of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Page

I’ve started working on a new page for the blog entitled “Voting” it can be found by clicking on Voting in the list of pages to the right or at the top of the page, in addition to clicking here.

I have a very basic barebones kind of understanding of what it means to vote in regards to knowing what the various parties stand on in terms of core values/principles.  I’m working with Rachel Freund of PMHCA who is spearheading a push to encourage more Consumers in PA to get involved in thew political process, and above all, get out there and vote so our voice can be heard in the political realm.  As I learn more from both my own research, and from what I learn through Rachel and her efforts, I will be sharing those things here in this blog.  I have been doing some activist type things in trying to encourage representatives to vote for  hb1448 and hb 2253, or to have folks thank them for their support if they are already supporting them.  I’ve also been encouraging folks to get out and vote, and as I began encouraging others, I discovered there is a lot more to voting then casting a vote, there is research needed to understand what candidates and their parties stand for, there is a whole language that I hear in the media, but really don’t understand, and above all, there is the idea that I need to do what I ask others to do.  So, While I learn and walk the talk, I hope others will benefit from my posts I will be doin here about voting or political language. and stances.

Please visit the page entitled “Voting” to see what links I’ve dugup or in some cases have received from Rachel Freund of PMHCA.

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