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“State Supreme Court: Psychiatric boarding illegal”

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This August 7, 2014 article from Spokane, Washington and found on the Centre Daily Times website talks about to practice of warehousing people with mental illnesses in emergency departments or other non-certified psychiatric treatment settings where they receive no real treatment but are in  limbo waiting to be transferred to a certified psychiatric facility.  The Washington state supreme court ruled that this is indeed an illegal practice in the state of Washington.

Spokane in Spokane County

Spokane in Spokane County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Prisons hold 10 times as many mentally ill people compared to state hospitals”

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This April 10, 2014 NewsWorks article talks about the shift that has occurred in where the mentally ill are being warehoused.

NEWSWORKS | Documentary filmmaker brings priso...

NEWSWORKS | Documentary filmmaker brings prison portraiture to Eastern State Penitentiary | by Peter Crimmins (Photo credit: The New Insiders | Dave Adler)

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