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“Dave Wooledge’s support for The WARMING CENTER at MHA”

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This May 2013 piece on the Highmark Walk For A Healthy Community site, highlights fundraising efforts to help a Warming Center in Erie, PA.  The center opens during extremely cold temperatures and allows folks living on the streets to warm themselves at times when the cold could kill them.  A part of the folks living on the streets have mental health issues, which is why I’m posting this here, because by helping organizations who aid the homeless, we are helping to improve the lives of folks with mental illnesses.  I should note that not all homeless people have mental health issues, but things I’ve read over the years seem to show a sizable number of homeless folks do have a diagnosable mental illness.


Warming Center at MHA

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This resource link takes you to a page about the Mental Health Association (MHA) Warming Center in Erie, PA.  They open their doors when temperatures become dangerously cold in the winter, and this site explains not only about the center, but how folks can help them help others.

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