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This page will grow over time as I learn more.  I hope to be able to include lots of resources, not only to help those who are Certified Peer Specialists, but also that will encourage Professionals and Consumers to be open to what these Peer Specialists have to offer. The Recovery Model is a huge aspect of what a Peer Specialist promotes not only through example, but through educating other Consumers on how to succeed in taking control of their own lives instead of having others control their lives for them.

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  1. Very interesting topic , thanks for putting up.

  2. veri nice blog. i will be happy with your website

  3. I live in Philadelphia, Pa and I am wondering if anyone can tell me when the next Peer Specialist Training will be and where. Thanks. Also If I live in Philadelphia, can I train in Montgomery County?

  4. Who would I contact related to training as a Certified Peer Specialist in North Central PA?
    Rod Knier rknier@gmail.com

  5. where do you work ray

  6. where are people from delaware county pa

  7. I live in fayette county PA. I was interested in trainings near my area for 2012. Can you please e-mail me. controlpanal@yahoo.com Thank you so much.

  8. I am an LPN looking to be certified to be a peer specialist. Please contact me if there are any classes training around the philadelphia area. Thank you my number is 267-271-5138. E mail sarahmccloskey82@yahoo.com

  9. This is a good piece of content, I was wondering if I could use this blog on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away.

    • Not a problem I only ask that I be given credit for my blog entry. Linking to the article you are using would be preferred, but you are welcome to simply use … https://pamhi.wordpress.com as the link.

      Thanks for asking, I appreciate the consideration, but in general as long as I get credit for my blog, I’m ok with folks sharing what they find here on their blogs and such.

      Let me know what your blog’s address is, and I’ll consider possibly adding a link to it from here.


  10. I’m from Reading,PA. I want to know when there will be a training for certified peer specialist! in my area? I have ALL the qualifications for certification!but don’t know how to get trainig or where in my area! someone please put this information on my e-mail as soon as possible! thanks barry kelly!dwy268@aol.com

  11. If anyone is looking or needing to know where, and when CPS trainings are happening statewide.
    Please email me at rfederici@mhasp.org
    Raymond Federici
    Certified Peer Specialist, Trainer IRCI/MHASP

  12. I left out my email address in the body of my last comment. mamalou817@yahoo.com

  13. I live in Fayette County, PA. I am very much tying to find information on training to become a peer specialist, where trainings are held, the cost, etc.

  14. I also would like to know when is the next training for peer support specialist. My email address is aanisha24@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.
    Robin F

  15. i like to know when the next training is for peer specialist. can you send it to my e-mail sshawnplace@aol.com
    thank you so very much

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